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Stationary Protection is our fundamental service. Taking care about the security of our Clients we provide the highest quality of service. Our employees are well prepared and ready to take an action in any moment of danger.


Our offer:

  • preparation of individual security plan for a property
  • planning of countermeasures against possible risks
  • preparation of necessary procedures for the work of security officers and their intervention for incidents
  • evidence of everyday activities and situation on the spot
  • furnishing our staff with required uniforms, security and safety equipment
  • team and property security management by supervisor and project coordinator
  • monitoring of the work by electronic device “Active Guard”
  • wiring of the property and connection to the Monitoring Centre
  • intervention in emergency situations  by our Intervention Team


According to Client’s needs we are preparing a personalize conception of security system armed by different kinds of alarms and CCTV when required, and supplemented by manned security.

When possible we propose costs optimization through replacement of the stationary protection by electronic system connected to Monitoring Centre and Intervention Group.