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Security audit is a very important element in a facility security process which implicates a complex analysis of internal and external hazards.

The subjects of an insightful evaluation are:

in relation to the external risks:

  •  property's inside area
  •  facility location
  •  effectiveness of supervision and protection of outside area
  •  schedule of access roads
  •  ability of electronic supervision:

                              - vision monitoring

                              - motion sensor

                              - access control system

  •   physical security

                              - check points

                              - doors, gates, barriers

                              - fence

  • patrolling and observation ability of manned security staff
  • level of burglary and theft danger


in relation to the internal risks:

  • facility security procedures (e.g.):

                              - entry–exit and access permit

                              - key storage, access badges, entry codes

                              - movement on site and belonging area

                              - alarm and evacuation

                              - risk of sabotage

  • efficiency of internal security service
  • way of safeguards and storage of sensitive goods:

                              - documents

                              - money

                              - valuable equipment

                              - hazardous materials

  • systems of internal electronic and physical protection


Grupa S.O.S. offers complex security audits which take into account type of business and specific of the property. Audits are provided by our well trained and experienced inspectors.

Prepared reports and conclusions contain complex information about:

  • possibility of a danger
  •  weak points of physical and electronic security
  • gaps in procedures


We are preparing also a bunch of advises and solutions for optimisations of facility security minimisation or liquidation of potential hazards upgrade of service level.